I offer a weekly SUNDAY MORNING YOGA CEREMONY (online) and PRIVATE SESSIONS (offline). They have their roots in co-creation with nature and participants. Prayer and meditation are the main ingredients to connect, feed harmony and devotion. The yoga brings flow, wellbeing, focus and power. The dancing and chanting offers happiness and juiciness. All together a perfect combination to anchor your consciousness in a centered, joyous purposefulness.

My trades


My desire is to offer a yoga experience that is fun loving, adventurous and soulful. The interplay of  music and stillness is an important part of it. We use focus, breath, and rhythm to open up to the moment in order to let our juices flow and grow body consciousness.


Group & Individual

At the moment you can book an individual- or duo- session at my home. In the sessions we tune into your needs and the available energies. With breath, movement and concentration we bring renewal so energy can flow. Focus and centeredness can reform. With chanting and dancing we highlight the freedom to chose for joy. With the relaxation we give space to integrate and upgrade.

our speciality


In this YOGA-BASED CEREMONIES, we go in a deep flow of yoga, movement, prayer. With the yoga we weave ourselves into the electrical fabric of the moment to overcome boundaries and shift rhythms if needed.

This ceremonies are designed to strengthen and empower our connection to the god within and experience our own nature more deeply.