• The session takes place in Maarn. There is a yurt, a fire place and the woods directly behind the yurt.
  • We start at 9:00 and finish around 17:00.
  • You can also book this session together with a friend or inform if there is somebody else waiting to team up for a session. I work with max 2 people in this setting.
  • The price is € 270,- for 1 person and € 190,- p.p. if you team up. Light lunch and snacks are included.
  • This session is also available as ‘PLANT-GUIDED VISION QUEST’. The guides I am working with, are Cannabis and Blue Lotus. The extra costs are € 20/ 30,- p.p.
  • You can contact me before or after ordering for fine tuning the content of the session, setting the date or more information.

Time-Space to find direction, generate power and feed self-love for brave choices from the heart 🌈 ❤️